Have you developed the idea for your Christmas campaign yet?

As an experienced marketing agency, CuCo know how effective memorable Christmas campaigns can be in terms of increasing both brand equity and sales over the winter period.

To give you some inspiration, here are our favourite campaigns from last year:

#1 Greenpeace – Coke ad

To raise awareness of the issue of plastic pollution, Greenpeace created an ad based on the typical Coca-Cola Christmas commercial. However, the Greenpeace ad has a slightly different ending – as the Coca-Cola truck full of empty plastic bottles drives across the beach and empties his load into the sea.

The final message reads:

A truckload of plastic enters the ocean every minute.

Coca-Cola produce an estimated 110 billion plastic bottles a year.

Many of these end up in landfill, on beaches & in the ocean.

Don’t let Coke choke our oceans.

A very clever and effective ad with an important message and a reminder that the world’s problems don’t stop disappear, even with the magic of Christmas.

#2 Kellogg’s My Perfect Bowl – Christmas


As part of the Kellogg’s #MyPerfectBowl Campaign, the cereal brand visited Mr. and Mr. Claus to ask the all-important question: What’s your perfect bowl of cornflakes? Turns out Santa likes his with a little bit of cinnamon, a sprinkle of orange zest and a drizzle of chocolate sauce! Good to know.

#3 Iceland – Tis the reason to be jolly

The fact that Iceland’s 2017 Christmas ads have been named the ‘weirdest ads of the season’ clearly proves that sometimes, it’s good to be different. The brand promoted its Christmas food range by photoshopping items such as Frozen Turkeys, Mince Pies, even Lobsters into YouTube ‘Christmas unwrapping’ videos. A hilariously funny campaign that proves you don’t always need a big budget to produce good ads!

#4 Aldi – Kevin the Carrot 2017

Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot returned and found love in this funny, yet heart-warming ad. We can’t wait to see more of Kevin’s adventures this Christmas!

#5 John Lewis – Moz The Monster


It wouldn’t be Christmas without a John Lewis ad. Last year, the ‘King of Christmas Ads’ told the story of a young boy named Joe and a giant, friendly monster called Moz who lives under his bed. The two form a friendship and spend their nights playing around Joe’s room. However, staying up all night clearly impacts Joe, who can then barley stay awake during the day. On Christmas day, Joe received a night light from Moz which helps him to sleep, but also makes Moz disappear.

Although the campaign received mixed reviews from industry experts, it still out-did its competitors, as the video received over 9 million views on YouTube.

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