‘This commercial lasts as long as the new Old Spice amazing fragrance. Watch responsibly’, warns the ‘Institute of Manly Fragrance’ at the beginning of the new Old Spice commercial.

Deodorant producer Old Spice are well-known for their slightly odd, yet extremely successful ads. Their ‘Smell like a Man, Man’ campaign was a huge viral success and helped the heritage brand to change brand perceptions and attract a younger market (read more about this in our previous blog). And their latest campaign is no exception:

Their brand-new campaign, which features brand ambassador Terry Crews, is an endless stream of ads within ads and promises that Old Spice will make you “Smell Good Forever”.

Old Spice endless ad intro

The film, titled ‘O Filme Infinito (Endless Commercial)’ was created by Wieden + Kennedy Sao Paulo and aired at the Brazilian TV channel Woohoo for a total of 14 (!) hours – making it the longest advert ever launched in television history and even earned a Guinness World Record as ‘Longest TV commercial’! The campaign was supported by a two-minute TV clip, along with teasers for social media.

The ad is as bizarre as it is long: Whether it’s a couple of laughing aliens in a spaceship, two renaissance artists on a field with a cow, and a miniature Terry Crews – anything is possible in these endless commercials, inside commercials, inside commercials.

According to Old Spice’s Marketing Manager Vitor Fernandes, “The idea for the whole project came from the new technology of Old Spice, Durascent, that makes you smell good forever”.

The video will be on air for eternity at ocomercialinfinito.com.br.

“At a time when advertising content is getting shorter, with increasingly telegraphic messages, Old Spice goes against the grain and launches a commercial that literally lasts forever”, concludes Wieden + Kennedy Sao Paulo’s Creative Director Renato Simões.

A truly different campaign that clearly makes the brand stand out of the crowd!

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