With record numbers signing up for Veganuary this year, eating a plant-based diet has never been more popular! As the demand for vegan food options is growing, so are the vegan food brands!

Here’s a few of our favourites:

#1 Ombar Chocolate

Ombar chocolate PackagingOmbar is a raw, organic chocolate brand made from plant-based, natural ingredients. Founded by three friends who saw potential for a healthier chocolate bar, the brand is on a mission to make chocolate better. The brush script typography, as well as the earthy colours used in the branding process, clearly give the brand a natural feel and immediately communicate the values of the brand. And the best thing: it doesn’t only look amazing, but also tastes amazing!

#2 Hippeas

Hippeas Packaging

If chocolate isn’t your thing, then Hippeas might be just the snack for you! The vibrant, colourful brand produce organic chickpea puffs, which are low in calories and 100% vegan-friendly! Through its bright, friendly approach and a tone of voice that combines the socially conscious ethos of the hippie movement with an irreverent humours, Hippeas is now stocked in over 20,000 stores and plans to become a global lifestyle brand.

#3 Rebel Kitchen 

Rebel Kitchen Packaging

Rebel Kitchen produce a range of plant-based milks, milkshakes, yogurts and coconut water. The rebellious brand aims to revolutionise the dairy-free industry with bold statements and tasty products. And the branding reflects the brand’s sustainable and organic values perfectly!

#4 Booja-Booja

booja booja ice cream packaging

Booja-Booja make delicious and award-winning chocolate truffles and ice creams – without the use of animal products. The brand combines a minimal number of simple, organic ingredients with passion and creativity and their packaging clearly reflects this and gives the brand a luxury, yet playful feel! 

#5 The Coconut Collaborative

The coconut collaborative Packaging

 Dear Dairy, I’ve found someone else…Committed to spreading the word about how cutting dairy can help save the planet, The Coconut Collaborative produce a range of plant-based yogurts, frozen yogurt and dessert pots that are ‘free from dairy but not temptation’. The personality of the fun, playful brand has been captured perfectly in its packaging design and the beautiful, colourful little pots clearly stand out on the shelves – making ‘traditional’ dairy yogurts look embarrassingly boring.

#6 Rubies In The Rubble 

rubies in the rubble packaging

In an attempt to reduce food-waste, Rubies in the Rubble produce a selection of vegan relishes, ketchups and mayos, which are made sustainable from surplus ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. The bold, vibrant labels clearly reflect the young and exciting ethos of the brand and create maximum shelf-appeal. We love it!

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