When looking to grow your start-up or SME, most often it’s also you who’s accountable for overseeing all manner of daily business activities, from product development and marketing to HR and accounts. So, with all of these responsibilities, it’s not surprising that many entrepreneurs feel like there is very little time to focus on their companies brand design!

However, it’s important to remember that brand design is an absolutely essential part of growing your business. With a professional image, design can help to set you apart from competitors, and make sure that your company’s brand equity has a solid foundation on which to flourish!

Here’s the Top 6 reasons we believe YOUR business needs great branding design:

1. Professional brand design inspires confidence

The more professional your branding looks, the more confident potential customers are likely to be in your business. Your brand identity, the UX of your website and the creative look of your printed collateral all need to portray your business in the very best light. We don’t just mean choosing an attractive colour scheme or copying the current trends in your industry, but focusing on the visual execution of your brand at every single point where a user will come into contact with your company, and that’s everywhere from product packaging to your website.

2. Effective brand design creates a great first impression

In the world of business first impressions count. Your company’s brand design will be noted from the moment a user interacts with you or your products, and a bad first impression is hard to overcome further down the line. You are therefore much better off investing in brand design to start with, as this will save you a lot of time and money in the future when you are cursing yourself for ever cutting any corner when it comes to brand design.

3. Your brand design helps differentiate your business from it’s competitors

Some businesses are nervous of feeling too exposed attempting something ‘out of the ordinary.’ However, by shying away from doing something different with your brand design you are in danger of fading into the ‘crowd of familiar.’ Small businesses in particular should be doing everything they can to make themselves more memorable. Stand out from the crowd. Give people something to talk about!

4. Good brand design helps you to sell – subtly

Design isn’t just about making thing look pretty – a smartly designed touchpoint will keep your customer interacting with your brand for as long as possible, whether that be via your website or brochure. Referrals are also made more easily with strong branding as it breeds recognition and conversions on referrals are often pleasingly high, delivering measurable results for a small business.

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5. Good brand design enthuses your workforce

Your employees are your businesses greatest asset and good branding design can help you to attract the best possible candidates. Through your brand design you have the opportunity to demonstrate your values to future employees – allowing candidates to connect with your brand before they even apply for a job with you, and decide whether they have a shared vision with your business. If you can influence and motivate your potential and existing employees through design, you can build a business that people are passionate about working for, and your customers will pick up on these vibes!

6. Ultimately, professional brand design can increase your turnover!

After all, your brand is an asset. In the future, you may have the plan to sell your brand, along with your company. But this doesn’t just happen overnight. Brand design is fluid and businesses spend years and years refining and evolving a brand design and style all their own. And the earlier you start, the better!

Are you a start-up or SME business looking to improve your branding design? Our experts are here to help! Get in touch today.