In the world of advertising, Valentine’s Day is the best excuse/get-out-of-jail-free card for advertisers looking to get a bit saucy, suggestive and seductive with their campaign messages. So to celebrate the most romantic time of the year, we’ve decided to share 10 of our team’s most memorable Valentine’s ads from a host of well-known brands.

Disclaimer: Things are about to get cheeky – so those with a nervous disposition, look away now!
#1 Lurpak – who knew butter could be so risqué!


#2 Once upon a time Virgin had a campaign to encourage people to switch to their phone service. Around Valentine’s Day they saw an opportunity, and boy, they took it.virginmobilebiggerpackage

#3 Now, who doesn’t remember the sexiest phone of all time, the Motorola RZR? Don’t agree that the 2003-2006 super-thin flip phone takes that crown? Well then, take a look at this erotic Valentine’s advert, and be persuade otherwise.


#4 Swatch watch – from the bottom of their heart, can you see what they did there? Very cheeky.


#5 Durex – let’s be honest. Valentine’s Day to Durex’s is basically Easter for Cadbury’s Cream Egg. It’s their time to shine. Here’s a great piece of ambient advertising which takes full advantage of it’s setting. It’s pretty genius to be honest, and definitely rather saucy.


#6 McDonalds – on the more innocent side, we have McDonalds, who know exactly what every woman wants on Feb 14 a man on one knee, holding up a little box of joy.

#7 Talking of Innocent – in 2012 Innocent allowed customers to create personalised love labels for their smoothies, which could be printed off as a gift, or shared online. Awww!


#8 Nissan – another adorable Valentine’s advert was this super cute advert by Nissan: Lover’s wanted!


#9 This year Oreo have released a limited edition red velvet (!!!) edition of the iconic biscuit to celebrate the romantic season. They sound delicious, but unfortunately are only available in the States, darn!


#10 Durex again and even though it’s for Father’s Day, we couldn’t resist. Yep, they went there.


We think you’ll agree that these brands are pretty cheeky, but just in case we’ve somehow missed your all-time favourite campaign, our experts are here to help! Get in touch today