CuCo have been Adventure Wonderland’s creative marketing agency for more than a decade. When the Dorset attraction announced recently that they were keen to let our creatives loose to develop a brand new park map, our team returned to the studio smiling like cheshire cats. The park has won multiple awards in the past few years and has been growing quickly with several big, new rides and attractions added to the park, including the super swinging Ghostly Galleon and their new water ride, Battle Boats.

Whilst we have excellent illustrators in-house, we know that each client’s needs are unique, and therefore we often explore multiple style options before selecting the perfect fit. It’s incredibly important to the creative team here at CuCo to consistently deliver strong, effectual work that exceeds expectations. Therefore, when we know that a certain style would be perfect, we bring in specialist illustrators to make sure that the vision is brought to life.

Today we’re delighted to showcase our recent collaboration with a freelance illustrator.


The freelance “doodler” helped us create the perfect illustration for the new Adventure Wonderland park map. He did a great job and it was a real transformation. It was his quirky and vibrant artwork which initially attracted us, and we had faith that he could create something awesome and striking for our client. Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed! The new park map is bursting with punch, colour and fun! There’s so much to see!

The illustrator has blown us away with his modern and energetic illustration, which has perfectly captured the playful and exciting energy of Adventure Wonderland. We are really impressed by his work, and are sure you will be too, so we’ve been itching to share it with you!