Our latest project here at CuCo Headquarters was no small matter! We had to design a 6 foot tall man shaped puzzle!

The Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) contacted CuCo and asked if we could help them drive traffic to their exhibition stand with a concept to encourage members of the public who visited them to not only think about what makes a quality professional but interact with the idea and actually “Build a Quality Professional”.


So why not build an actual professional who is set up of the qualities needed and make it in to a puzzle which enables passers by to build their very own 6 foot man!!??

The puzzle is made from 10 pieces which are labelled with various relevant attributes which go into making up that valuable professional we all strive to be. We went the extra mile and designed the 5 centre pieces to have variable messages and encouraged people to discuss which factors really get that fire in your belly going and pushes you to improve your work ethic.


About the CQI:
The CQI is the chartered body for quality management professionals, which was established in 1919. The CQI exists to benefit the public and companies by advancing education, knowledge and the quality of practice in industries such as; commerce, public and voluntary sectors. In short, the CQI exists to help make organisations better.

A little Extra about the project:
We had the opportunity to visit the supplier who made the puzzle man come to life and it is super impressive what these guys can do!

Perhaps us girlies here at CuCo might get in contact and ask if they can build our perfect man!