Facebook has risen to be an important advertising channel for reasons that include: a huge user base, an extraordinary amount of available data about users, and an impressive (and growing) set of targeting options. Facebook ads can lead to conversions as well as more likes, which can give you a more long-term relationship with potential customers – a direct line to their News Feed.

Research data from SocialCode recently highlighted the following:

  1. 50+ year-old users, the oldest segment in the study, are 28.2 percent more likely to click through and 9 percent less likely to ‘Like’ than 18-29 year-old users, the youngest group observed.
  2. Versus the rest of the younger population on Facebook, 50+ users see a 22.6 percent higher CTR and 8.4 percent lower ‘Like’ rate.
  3. Overall, women are 11 percent more likely to click on an ad.
  4. ‘Like’ rates are almost even for men and women; men are actually 2.2 percent more likely to ‘Like’ an ad than women.
  5. For women, CTR is 31.2 percent higher for the 50+ age group versus 18-2 year olds, men only see a 16.2 percent difference between the age groups.
  6. Versus all age groups, 50+ women’s CTR is 22 percent higher versus a 16.4 percent difference for males.
  7. The oldest male segment has an 11.7 percent lower ‘Like’ rate than the youngest segment, and 9.5 percent lower ‘Like’ rate versus all age groups.  Women only see a 7.2 percent and 7.9 percent difference respectively.

The research showed that both clicks and likes can be valuable; it really depends on what kind of results you are trying to achieve with your campaign. Likes are much more important to a campaign that is working to create a targeted fan base; in campaigns where a brand is trying to drive people to take a specific actions either on a specific landing page or on a Facebook tab, clicks are important. For example, on a campaign promoting new products or events, clicks would be more valuable because they are driving the action that is valuable to the brand.

So, the short answer to which is more valuable is: it depends. Establish the goals you are hoping to achieve with your campaign, and place your efforts accordingly. If a click is your primary goal, consider testing different ad copy and landing pages (which luckily could help you improve your likes anyway).

*Source: SocialCode

Original article by Chris Crum