Nothing is more exciting than when a brand announces a clever and creative rebrand, especially when it comes from a brand you least expect! In the CuCo Creative design studio, our Bournemouth and London-based branding agencies are always busy building client’s inspired visions for their latest branding project. But even as branding experts and experienced logo designers, the latest news of the Nationwide rebrand still came as a huge surprise. 

For the first time in nearly 40 years, Nationwide has had a complete revamp of its brand’s identity. Set to be rolled out across all 605 branches across the UK, the banking society introduced its take on a new, modernised and sleek brand to position itself confidently against the bigger banks. The new identity is set to be rolled out across all debit and credit cards, internet banking, and their mobile app, as well as implementing the campaign’s promise of sticking around in a time when the majority of competition is closing down. 

At CuCo Creative, our creative design agency are suckers for logos that hold a meaningful message and represent their brand’s story. This is exactly why we are so drawn to the Nationwide rebrand! Whilst their modernised brand still homes the traditional colourways of the iconic hero red and blue to hold the brand recognition, the brand mark steered away from a village setting and instead has honed in on the idea of a sun rising above a house. But it’s not the good use of negative space that has caught CuCo’s attention. The Editorial New, custom style typography, was selected from the archives of Nationwide’s advertising in the 1980s. So, whilst the rebrand is set down a refreshingly modern and simple path, it’s nice to notice elements of their heritage, reaffirming their established brand. 

The Nationwide rebrand is beyond just interest for us at CuCo Creative. Our designers have been inspired by this branding transformation, especially after seeing the new logo come to life on their packaging, and it makes us excited to turn our client’s brand story into an iconic brand mark. If you feel your brand is a little lacklustre, or maybe you’re starting your brand from scratch, don’t hesitate to contact us at CuCo Creative. We have 15 years of experience working with brands like Wild England, Ousri, and Nickelodeon, so we can supply any creative marketing solutions to your queries!