As 2023 draws closer to an end, it’s time for creative marketing agencies to start looking ahead and preparing for potential future trends of the new year. CuCo Creative has always been an expert in creative packaging design, logo designs, and website designs, so we are always eager to be ahead of the game in consumer trends. 

Before we step into the upcoming product packaging design world trends of 2024, it’s essential to know what trends will carry through from 2023. Remaining relevant as always, consumer preferences, technological advancements, and sustainability concerns will be at the forefront of consumer minds year after year, but how do these affect packaging and design? 

Sustainability and eco-friendly packaging

The sustainable packaging movement shows no signs of slowing down ahead of 2024. There is an increasing demand for eco-conscious consumers to have sustainable solutions – something CuCo Creative is a master of! This emphasis on sustainability is the push for reducing waste through minimalistic packaging, using recycled and compostable materials, or designing reusable products.  

Simplistic and clean designs

Minimalism continues to thrive, relating to nostalgic and vintage elements as a powerful marketing tool. Clean and uncluttered packaging designs are sleek and easy on the eye, often featuring bold typography and simple colour themes. 

Opening experience and personalised packaging

Packaging is going to be all about the ‘wow’ factor in 2024! Wowing the audience with the most creative and impactful opening experience. This experience alongside the ongoing trend imagines the best packaging design to be personalised and customisable to create a direct and unique connection to the consumer. In the digital world, it’s important for brand packaging to consider the element of the ‘unboxing experience’ as that will reflect the consumer’s and peer’s attraction to the brand.

Innovative packaging

Relating to the element of experience, the advance in technology has seen a trend in creative packaging to include scannable QR codes or augmented reality experiences. This is designed to engage consumers and provide additional information and entertainment. 

Storytelling through packaging

Especially at CuCo Creative, we find the majority of our clients always choose the packaging concepts which hold the most meaning and tell the story about your brand best. This trend will continue to exist in 2024 as brands further share their values, missions and narratives in clever, meaningful packaging designs. 

Shapes and structures

To ensure novel and tactile experiences for consumers, innovative structures have been developed to promote brand differentiation and memorable unboxing experiences. To go alongside that, the shapes of text have stuck to a dynamic typography theme as a creative way to make a statement and capture attention. Again, this is a concept CuCo Creative is having fun playing within the design studio for a beauty company’s packaging, but more details on that are to come soon!

As we can tell, the best packaging design trends for 2024 are building upon the foundation established in 2023. Moving forward, our package design agency must stay flexible and adaptable to the ever-evolving expectations of consumers in the dynamic world of packaging design. 

If these trends inspire you, our creative packaging design agency is happy to cater to any of your inspired packaging visions. At CuCo Creative, we have experience in creating all food packaging design, health and beauty packaging design, and box packaging design, so don’t hesitate to get in contact!