Among other promotional activities, CuCo Creative have recently designed an informative legacy leaflet for the Bridport Arts Centre, encouraging supporters to help and explaining how their gift will be used. CuCo have been designing all the marketing materials for Bridport Arts Centre for a number of years and were very proud to work on such an important piece of literature, knowing our design work could make a huge difference to the future of the charity. Bridport Arts Centre is a registered charity with a small professional team supported by a great number of volunteers. Any legacies left will help sustain the Arts Centre’s fantastic work in years to come and for future generations, ensuring the Arts Centre continues to thrive and to inspire, engage and entertain audiences for the next 40 years and beyond.

Not only does the combination of music, visual arts and performing contribute a whopping £4 billion a year to the national economy, it also represents a unique form of communication that transcends barriers in language and culture, allowing people worldwide to connect with one another. The arts offer so much… from providing a child with the opportunity to grow in confidence and vital social skills, to allowing people of all ages a positive platform for their self-expression.


Whatever the arts mean to you, one thing is for sure… In these difficult economic times it is more important than ever that the arts sector continues to receive public investment.

A unique and truly inspiring venue at the heart of West Dorset, our friends at Bridport Arts Centre are reaching out to offer the public the chance to leave them a legacy, however big or small, to help them support their programme of events and maintain their beautiful home in the future.