The upcoming months are exciting for our branding agency as exhibition season begins. It is also a busy period for thousands of university students graduating!  

With the many upcoming Student Recruitment Fairs in the UK, global giant, TransDigm, approached CuCo Creative to bring a new brand look, which would then translate into the design of a new exhibition space and supporting materials to drive recruitment at these fairs specifically. 

What has our branding agency been tasked to design exactly? An exhibition stand, banners, a promotional DL, corporate video production, and the supply of numerous promotional products for the events. 

TransDigm is a leading global designer, producer, and supplier of aircraft components and the world’s largest aerospace component company, with parts used on commercial, military, and space aircraft.

They employ over 14,000 people across 48 international units and approximately 100 manufacturing sites worldwide. They are also committed to meeting their goal of reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2031.

Not only is TransDigm the world’s largest component company, but they also have a very competitive employment program which involves training and mentoring professionals in various available rotations so that everyone working with them can become the next generation of Aerospace leaders in the field that suits them best.

TransDigm wanted their story to be told to attract a new generation of aerospace leaders at student fairs, and they chose CuCo Creative to do it.

Our branding and design agency was chosen due to our expertise in creating exhibition stands designed to capture the attention of everyone in the room. 

At CuCo Creative, we have years of experience creating banners, DLs, and video editing, and we have designed promotional products for various clients like long-term client Oceanarium and Nickelodeon and have designed a bespoke exhibition stand for Leica

We’re only just setting off with TransDigm, as we create stand-out design through a multitude of platforms that gets a new generation interested in the aerospace field.

This project will land very soon, so keep your eyes out for more TransDigm news!