The results for the Ad World Masters Agency of the Year 2022 competition have just been published, and we are thrilled to have been awarded a Silver award!

CuCo Creative has earned a score of above 8.7 out of 10. This agency score is compliled from their stringent criteria and meticulous evaluation of each agency to compile a ranking of the most exceptional agencies in the world. They use a total of over 160 data points per agency in order to calculate the Agency Score, the quintessence of this data, and provide an outlook on the agency’s potential. Over the past year, they have scored and ranked over 12,322 agencies in 81 countries.

Only agencies with a score of over 8.5 which means they are in the top 90.81 percentile will receive a bronze, silver (93.66 percentile) or gold (99.06 percentile) award.