ASOS, the UK-based fashion e-commerce giant, has launched an all-new online tool that really does mean they now live up to what the brand name ‘ASOS’ stands for – ‘As Seen On Screen.’ Customers of the site can now truly shop for anything they see while perusing the web, or even items in the real world!

The global fashion brand noted that 80% of its UK traffic comes from mobile devices, with shoppers spending on average 80 minutes per month in the mobile app. The company are aware of the fact that mobile devices are where their customers are interacting with them most, and have therefore introduced a the new feature to help their customers find what they are looking for faster and make their experience even more enjoyable!

The feature is a new visual search tool to help fashionistas find exact product matches or dupes on the ASOS site that they can then purchase!

Users have previously been able to search for garments manually by category or using keywords, but with the latest update it is now possible to screenshot products online, or photograph an item in the real world and search for an exact match on ASOS!

The update features a little camera icon in the search bar of the iOS app, which users tap to set the visual wheels in motion – check it out!

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We’re off to screen-grab some Instagram influencers!

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