CuCo Creative supporting yet another good cause: This time, the successful agency is urging people all over Europe to shell out for turtles.

The Bournemouth-based design & marketing agency agency has just produced some stunning fundraising posters in no fewer than eight languages to be displayed at Sea Life centres across the continent.

Each asks visitors to donate to Sea Life’s 350,000 € appeal to open a turtle rescue centre in the Mediterranean.

Sea Life is part of the giant Merlin Entertainments group, whose portfolio also includes the London Eye, Madame Tussaud’s, Alton Towers and The Dungeons.

Having already completed a number of projects for Merlin Entertainments previously, including some stunning visuals for the York and Edinburgh Dungeons, CuCo Creative were the obvious choice for the group and delighted to take on the project.

The Sea Life poster campaign aims specifically to save the endangered loggerhead turtle by opening and maintaining a rescue centre on the Greek island of Zante.

Already €150,000 has been raised but a further €200,000 is needed to get the facility up and running.

“It’s good to be involved with an important trans-European conservation campaign,” said CuCo co-director and senior designer Tony Cook.

“And it hasn’t done our language skills any harm, either.”