For the past five years Silicon Beach Founder and revered Creative and Digital Consultant Matt Desmier has made it his business to bribe, coerce and blackmail (just joking!) some of the world’s biggest and brightest Strategists, Creatives and Digital Innovators to share their thoughts, opinions and experiences with the ever-growing digital economy down in Bournemouth, in the form of Silicon Beach.

In case you hadn’t heard (unlikely but you never know!) Silicon Beach is an inspiring annual two day event that draws together an enviable programme of visionary thinkers, creators and doers from a wide range of creative disciplines.

The term ‘Silicon South’ has come to refer to the digital hotbed that has developed in the South of the UK, where pioneering creativity, innovation and digital marketing are flourishing. CuCo are proud to be a part of this growth and of such a prestigious network!

Having also been fortunate enough to attend the conference in previous years (which by the way, is hosted at the venue of our client PDSW!), CuCo were delighted to hear that Silicon Beach was heading inland to London in the form of a concentrated, one-day version of Matt Desmier’s original concept. Aptly named Silicon Beached, it’s great to see that Matt is taking a little bit of Bournemouth’s sunshine to The Capital!

We hope to see you at what promises to be an awesome, inspiring conference with fascinating new speakers taking centre stage!

Check out our insights from last years conference right here!



If you come along – and with a line-up like that, why wouldn’t you – expect to not only to gain insight, but also to be challenged and inspired in equal measure!

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