The Edinburgh and The York Dungeon are soon to launch a new ‘despicable’ attraction – which promises to have the desired ‘scary’ affect on its visitors. CuCo were commissioned to design and print a full press-pack for the launch which uses The Dungeons ‘tongue-in-cheek humour’ to give the press a taster of what to expect from the popular attractions. Having worked with the Dungeons on a variety of projects in the past, CuCo were the obvious choice for the project.

The Edinburgh Dungeons new attraction is based on William Wallace, taking visitors through the history of Scotland’s bravest patriot and his gruesome fete. The York Dungeons is taking visitors down another terrifying tale – looking at Execution: Traitors of York!!

The design elements of the pack include an e-invite and printed invites with specially designed labels. The invites for the William Wallace campaign are printed on parchmarque champagne paper to give the affect of scroll paper. The invites will also be sent out with a squidgy eye ball and asking people to ‘keep an eye out’ for the new attraction.

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