CuCo are delighted to announce that not only were they finalists within two categories at the NEC Packaging Design Challenge but awarded recognition for their creative concepts.

The Packaging Design Challenge was held at the NEC centre and showcased collaborations between leading design houses and packaging manufacturers who had created new ideas and formats to solve current packaging challenges.

The brief was to produce and address an on-shelf presence and brand image as well as considering consumer convenience, budget, sustainability, cost and the environment.

There were four categories; Retail-ready Packaging, On the move, Sustainability & Luxury packaging.

CuCo’s DipDip entry was recognised for its design concept and was chosen as the finalist within two categories; Retail-ready and On the move

All finalists had to present their design and packaging concepts and be judged by a panel of industry experts: Giovanni Finocchio – Investment Manager, Midven ; James Nicholson Smith – Management Consultant and Founder of The Financial Directors Centre ; Craig Huth – Managing Director, Huni & Kevin Vyse – Managing Director, Institute of Packaging Professionals

The Judges

The Judges (L2R - Kevin Vyse, Craig Huth, James Nicholson-Smith and Giovanni Finocchio

The overall deserving winner was Innopack with their combolid.

However at the end of the judging it was an unanimous decision to award CuCo’s DipDip entry as the best overall creative design concept.

“It all happened so suddenly. We entered the competition last minute not having the time time to perfect the overall strategy but took the risk. Hence to be chosen as a finalist within two categories was a real delight. Even better, was when we got recognised for our creatives. We as an organisation, love creative packaging. We are over the moon to be chosen and be acknowledged for our creative ideas by such an inspiring panel of judges, Oddny Edwards, Marketing Manager CuCo”

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