Now that the school holidays are over, our work/life balance can finally be restored and a huge sigh of relief is certainly called for! It has been a crazy and exciting few months here in CuCo’s design studio, with a lot of interesting marketing, branding, packaging, and digital projects up our sleeves that we’ve been hard at work creating.

Our London-based creative design agency has been especially busy since the bespoke software development company HeadChannel approached CuCo Creative. Our designers were challenged to create a fresh new rebrand, updating their look and making them stand out from competitors, similar to their own services of giving their consumers an edge in the new digital era. 

HeadChannel made its mark by being a big name in London’s software consultancy market. They are experts in developing business-oriented solutions and offer a vast range of services such as web development, IT strategy, software development outsourcing, mobile app development and more. As your digital transformation partner, HeadChannel delivers a fast in-house yet highly intuitive software solution, that offers their clients a flexible and trusted approach to planning, prototyping, developing, maintaining and reporting assistance. 

Our branding agency has been tasked to create and revamp their logo and brand identity using bright and dynamic colours, steering away from their current orange, black, and grey branding. By transforming their brand identity, we will create detailed documents outlining their brand guidelines for strict design rules for their dos and don’t. As well as this, we will be supplying deck templates to help the company implement these design rules into their own marketing materials and content. Our web designers will also assist in the integration of the new branding design to be put on the website, ensuring it aligns fluently with their new identity. 

HeadChannel has also proposed to CuCo Creative the exciting challenge of incorporating AI images to help build the new brand’s identity. The inclusion of AI in the design world is rapidly increasing, and our creative designers are having fun exploring new software, especially with this HeadChannel project. Keep your eyes peeled on our up-and-coming blogs for more content related to CuCo’s processes of using AI. 

At CuCo Creative, we have years of experience working on rebranding projects from Dorset Sea Salt, Pavilion Dance South West, Oceanarium and more. The development of this HeadChannel project is well under way and we can’t wait to share more brand design content in due course, so keep your eye out!