Evans & Traves LLP (E&T) are an architecture and town planning consultancy based in Dorset, England. Whether you are looking to remodel an existing property, push the boundaries of contemporary architecture or recreate a traditional thatched cottage, E&T can help see you through the entire process. From preparing detailed architectural drawings to steering a project through the complex planning process and taking care of those all-important contract negotiations, E&T can pave the way to the realisation of your property dreams.

When E&T chose CuCo as their preferred digital agency to design and build their new website we were obviously thrilled. E&T wanted a website that showcased the very crème de la crème of their projects. It needed to be modern, elegant, and bold. Built on our preferred CMS Platform – WordPress, the new website is graceful and gives the company’s spectacular property portfolio the space to shine. A parallax effect has been used to add a nice, subtle element of depth and the site is full-responsive to allow optimal viewing on mobile devices.

We have been nothing but impressed with CuCo’s professionalism and patience in helping us develop a website that reflects the message we wish to send out to our clients and potential clients regarding our architectural and town planning practice. As a small business we pride ourselves on the very personal attention we give our clients. CuCo gave us that personal attention back in spades and with their knowledge, skill and creative edge ensured that our presence online is one that we are now very proud of. Thanks guys!
Carol Evans, Evans & Traves LLP

Website Design and Build


It is very important to chose the right digital agency when designing and building a new website. Obviously the look of your website matters a great deal, but careful consideration of the user experience is key along with a strong working relationship, areas our agency thrive in. Get in touch with us and see how our web design team can transform your website.