Introducing our latest client win…Ōskuhús!

Created by CuCo’s long-term client Oddny Edwards, Ōskuhús will produce a special selection of authentic Nordic Chocolates, Coffees and Aquavit (a traditional Scandinavian spirit), as well as offering Nordic-inspired fine-dining experiences.

CuCo was tasked with designing all branding and marketing materials for the brand, including the logo, packaging and the brand’s website.

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

A simplistic, Nordic-style typographic logo was created to reflect the Icelandic roots of the brand as well as the simplicity of the products and the prestigious experiences the brand has to offer.

Oskuhus logo

Additionally, the strap-line ‘Eat. Live. Love. Icelandic.’ was developed to reflect the ethos and philosophy of the brand.

In order to better reflect the brand values and the close relationship to nature of Founder Oddny, a simplistic tree illustration was created that could then be rolled out across all the branded packaging for Ōskuhús.

oskuhus tree symbol

Based on the unique, simplistic brand style CuCo developed for Ōskuhús, our talented design team created an exciting coffee packaging concept for the brand. The tree symbol was cleverly incorporated into the packaging design and the colour of the tree was adjusted in order to reflect the different coffee varieties the brand has to offer.

Whilst coffee might not normally be something people would immediately associate with Iceland, CuCo were able to create a packaging design that clearly reflects the heritage of the brand, as well as the premium quality of the products.

Oskuhus Coffee Packaging Design

Our client was extremely happy with the final design and CuCo are currently working on more packaging projects for other clients, as well as a brand new website for the Icelandic brand – so stay tuned for more exciting work coming soon!

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