If you haven’t already guessed, CuCo love being challenged with a branding project, and what we love most of all is being asked to design all-new brand identities/logos for our clients – it’s what we do and we excel when doing it.

Having a creative, unique and eye-catching logo is one of, if not the most important aspect of a brand. It gives your company name an image and memorable representation of who you are and what you do. Logos from all over the world are recognised by millions of people everyday, from identifiable car brands like Audi to famous fast-food chains such as McDonalds. All logos have a purpose – to represent your brand and give the world an image to remember.

CuCo are proud to present one of our most recent logo creations for our client Dorset Local Offer:

Dorset Local Offer are the part of Dorset County Council who provide support for children and young people who have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). They help support these children and young people in areas including childcare, health, education, learning and many more.

After receiving The Brief which included findings from focus groups with young people, parents and professionals within the SEND environment, we began the branding process by creating and presenting a total of three different logo design options from which Local Offer would select their final logo concept. The research had identified that the target audience preferred logos that were clear and not too fussy and also felt more effective logos include some kind of descriptive imagery, so we made sure all logos presented in Stage 1 followed these guidelines.

Following presentation of the three logos to Dorset Local Offer, research including surveys and focus groups was conducted to seek feedback from the target group on the three logos. Each identity concept was graded on various factors including whether the logo represented the service effectively, was eye-catching, easily-recognisable etc.

The final logo displayed above, is the one Dorset County Council selected out of the three options due to the fact it is ‘simple but colourful, and it clearly illustrates what it relates to by including the acronym ‘SEND’ within the identify itself.’ Several different colourways were explored before we came to this final selection.

Christian Cutler, CuCo’s Creative Director, took the lead in designing Local Offer’s logo, and he was thrilled with the final concept – “The finished logo is exactly what I envisioned from the start, with a brand image which represents the target audience, has a friendly and encompassing message shown by the interlinking figures and it adheres to the market research by keeping it short and to the point. Not only this, but it also perfectly communicates the services which Dorset County Council offer. The logo design shows a silhouette of 3 people of different ages (represented in the height and size of the figures) whom are all intertwined communicating the essence of togetherness and helping one another. The colours are bold yet not too bright as we wanted to express the importance of the message from Local Offer, while the text simply states who and what the logo stands for. The incorporation of all of these elements essentially creates the best logo for Local Offer and what they do.”

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