[EDIT] This article was updated on the 19 Sept 2012.

As we research the options out there to comply with the new cookie law I thought it would be a good idea to keep you good people aware of what we uncover.

To begin with here is a list of many of the options available:

Explicit Consent

(These may be updated by the authors to allow for Implied Consent.)

Cookie Compliance from Zafrira – WordPress (FREE)

Cookillian from Myatu – WordPress (FREE)

Jpecr Package from Wolf Software – Javascript (FREE branded – £25 Unbranded)

Cookiecuttr from Chris Wharton – Javascript & WordPress Plugin (FREE javascript – £5 WordPress)

EU Cookie Muncher from scottsweb – Javascript ($12)

Cookieok from Cookie OK – WordPress (FREE)

EU Cookie Directive from richtelford & mrcthompson – WordPress (FREE)

CookieGuard from Ultimateweb – Javascript (FREE)

EU Cookie Law/EU Cookie Directive Compliance Plugin from CookieCert – WordPress (FREE)

cPrompt fromMichael Wright – Javascript (FREE)

eu cookie law wp plugin from [unknown] – WordPress (£10)

Cookie Warning from Dourou – WordPress (FREE)

Explicit / Implied Consent

Cookie Control from Civic – Javascript, WordPress, Drupal & Magento (FREE)

EU Cookie Law WP Plugin from MSUK Group – WordPress $8

Implied Consent

Electric Studio EU Cookie Law Compliance from Electric Studio – WordPress (FREE)

Cookie Consent from Silktide – Javascript (FREE)

WP Cookie Consent from msmitley & lrussell – WordPress (FREE)

Cookie Law Info from richardashby – WordPress (FREE)

UK Cookie Consent from Catapult – WordPress (FREE)

Other useful plugins

Do you want to automatically include a table on cookies used to go on your policy page then this WordPress plugin is for you.


This list is contains just what we have found to date, we may have missed some – if so just leave a comment below.

Remember that all of these plugins use css to style them ans thus can be re-styled to match you own website.

If we were to pick one today we would go with either of the implied consent scripts/plugins, but our research goes on. We will let you know what we decide to go with and will be suggesting to our clients. In the meantime read this post about what else you should be doing to comply.