Exciting news for MailChimp and Facebook Advertising users as the email platform has introduced the integration of Facebook advertising into their software. We here at CuCo have often longed for a simpler way of using our MailChimp database as an advert audience and now it couldn’t be simpler! Everything you need, all on one platform!

The global email marketing service provider is expanding it’s usage to help their customers ‘create beautiful ads quickly and get back to building their business’ (Tom Klein, CMO of MailChimp), as well as help customers reach a new audience whilst engaging with current customers. As MailChimp state themselves, they just want to help you ‘sell more stuff’.

With a simpler and faster ad creative process than that of Facebook’s Ads Manager or Power Editor, MailChimp’s new feature was described by beta testers as ‘really simple’ and ‘ridiculously fast’. Sounds good to us, especially to our busy Social Media team who are excited to test out the new features. Sticking to MailChimp’s existing interface design, the ad creation process is quick and easy and will enable users to have adverts set up in just a few simple steps.


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The benefits of targeting your existing database of customers that you already know is second to none. Like re-targeting through the use of a Facebook Pixel, MailChimp’s system already has your lists collated in one place – it’s as simple as selecting a Saved Audience. And what’s even better? You can also create a Lookalike Audience – people who are similar to your contact lists and those who engage with similar content, as well as an entirely new audience who are ‘into whatever you’re in to’. VP of Product Management John Foreman says, “using MailChimps’s intelligent segmentation to target recent customers or active subscribers, businesses can quickly create lookalike audiences in Facebook. There’s no more guessing at who to target your ads to. We integrate with Facebook’s data science models to make customer acquisition smart and easy.”

The new system even seems to be able to provide it’s users with a greater and more in-depth analytics system regarding the performance of ads. This includes unique features such as the number of sales generated by a single ad as well as how many new customers you have gained and the overall ROI of each individual advert. As much as analysing clicks, engagement and reach are important metrics to understand, we all want to see sales results at the end of the day and MailChimp provides such statistics for you, YAY!

Want to know the best part? It won’t cost you a penny extra! MailChimp have stated they will take absolutely zero extra from it’s users, and all your money will remain solely for ad spend.

MailChimp announced their latest feature by email newsletter of course, along with an accompanying blog piece and a fantastically captivating video promotion. Check out the cleverly illustrated video explaining their new Facebook collaboration:

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