CuCo have been doing the maths today, and unlike in school, very pleasant it was too, because the numbers all added up nicely. . . 

When CuCo began advertising and marketing for the London Nail Laser Clinic at the start of 2011, visits to their site doubled within the first month.

With the redesign of two of their sites and the creation of a third mini-site, by CuCo within in the last year, website visits now average at just over 150% a month on their main site conpared to what they used to be coming onboard with CuCo.

CuCo also took over google adwords for the LNLC in September 2011. As well as seeing a further increase in traffic to their site, we have increased the click throughts from the ads, doubled their impression rate (the number of times their ad is shown), and reduced their cost per click by 17.5%.

In the time CuCo has been looking after the LNLC website, the bounce back rate has decreased from 70% to 40% – meaning visitors are more interested in navigating away from their landing page to read more of the LNLC website.

And that’s in less than a year.

So the sum of it is: CuCo + web marketing = happy customers. Hurrah!