Is your website working as hard as it could for you? When our Web Mechanic rolls up his sleeves, he provides customers with a thorough MOT report, giving a review of key factors that influence the SEO and website usability. Our Web Mechanic will give your website a score based on various criteria, including website structure, social networking, search engine data, and others.

The report will . . .

  • Check the page load speed, including load times, response times and file sizes.
  • Check the site conforms to the recent “Cookie Law”,
  • Spell check words in multiple languages and find mistakes in alt text and meta tags.
  • Check your website’s search ranking
  • Check your website’s use of keywords
  • Find broken links
  • Check your social networking presence
  • Check your content’s freshness
  • See how many backlinks you are getting
  • Readability
  • Check your site can be explored by search engines
  • W3C Compliance
  • And more!

It’s up to you what you do with your MOT, and whether you want Cuco to make any improvements. The MOT simply lets you know how your website is working for you – and if you’re currently getting the biggest bang for your buck.

To win a completely free MOT report worth £140, find the Cuco facebook page at: and hit like by July 20th.

We’ll pick a winner and let them know by July 23rd.