design-council-logoThe Design Council have put together a report called Leading Business by Design, containing a group of case studies to see how various world-class companies like O2, Barclays and Virgin Atlantic used design and the impact it had on them.

664-0The report highlights our three key findings on how businesses can benefit from design:

  • 1. Design is customer-centred – Benefit is greatest when design is intimately related to solving problems, especially customers’ problems.
  • 2. Design is most powerful when culturally embedded – It works best when it has strong support in the organisation, especially from senior management.
  • 3. Design can add value to any organisation – Design can benefit manufacturing and service-based organisations, small, medium or large.

Leading business by design also offers our eight recommendations for how companies can maximise the impact of design:

  1. Don’t limit the context in which design can operate
  2. Use design to differentiate
  3. Integrate design and branding
  4. Introduce a design process
  5. Trust and support your design talent
  6. Embed design in your organisational culture
  7. Design your work environment
  8. Don’t let the designer’s role be a straitjacket