Have you seen significant changes to the number of mobile and tablet users visiting your website over the past six months? This might be why.

On 21st April 2015, Google revealed they were making yet another important change to their closely-guarded search algorithm (they do like to keeping us all on our toes!), warning that:

“Websites that aren’t usable on handheld devices will see their search rank suffer as a result.”

It goes without saying that the quality of the results Google returns to us when we make a search using it’s service is high up on their UX team’s priority list. We all know the frustrations of trying to use a non-responsive website on a mobile or tablet device – the time spent panning, scrolling and zooming to try to read the tiny text or click tightly packed links. It was no surprise to the digital community then that non-friendly sites were being given the red light by the search giants.


The Googlebots now analyse websites searching for key indicators of ‘mobile-friendliness’ such as:

• Whether your site uses software not common on mobile devices, e.g. Flash

• How readable your site’s text is without zooming

• Whether your content adjusts itself to fit the screen so users don’t have to scroll horizontally or zoom in and out

• If links are placed far enough apart to ensure the correct link can be easily tapped

It was clear this update was one of Google’s biggest changes to it’s algorithm for a number of years, so we knew it was one to take seriously. Sites that Google did not deem ‘mobile-friendly’ were about to be penalised and would start to appear lower down on search rankings. On the flip side though, mobile-friendly sites could even see their ranking improve meaningfully on searches carried out by mobile devices.


Was your site mobile-ready?

Luckily Google offer a free, Mobile-Friendly Test available for all websites. Just click here and enter your site URL to find out quickly if your site passes the test. If not, Google will even give you helpful tips and hints as to how you can set your website on the road to achieving mobile nirvana.

If you already know your site isn’t responsive and/or have experienced a fall in your website’s search rankings/mobile traffic over the past six months, CuCo can help, guiding you through the necessary changes to ensure your website is optimised for viewing on handheld devices.

Our experts are here to help! Get in touch today to discuss the options available?