Looking for a way to increase enquiries and sales? Email is the most cost-effective and highest ROI (return on investment) marketing medium. Its best application is for customer retention, marketing to your in-house list. However, to be successful it must be done well. Which is where CuCo can help… by designing and building a successful HTML newsletter.  Here are our five top tips:

1. Deliver interesting information to your customers – the most effective newsletters are those that deliver interesting information to their customers. Rather than harping on about how wonderful your business is, provide thoughtful, helpful and insightful information that is of value to your readers on its own.  This will help build relationships and trust so that they will become – and remain – interested in your products, services and spending money with you.

2. Make it eye-catching – using photos, graphics and artwork will make your newsletter stand out and readers want to open it.  However, don’t overdo it, and make sure the images fit in with the contents and the products/services you are trying to sell.

3. Choose a good subject line – choose a subject line which will persuade someone to actually open and scan the body of your email.  The purpose of the subject line is not to explain the whole content of the email – it needs to give them a reason to open it.

4.  Include your physical address and telephone number – put  your phone number and address on the newsletter.  Giving the readers this information will allow them to contact you easily to buy your product/service.

5. Measure its success – at CuCo we can also provide you with measurability so you no longer need to guess how people will react to your marketing messages. We can provide you with fundamental metrics; delivery, open and unique click rates.

Check out the latest HTML newsletter which we’ve produced for a client. If you aren’t sure where to start, need help with copywriting or coming up with some unique ideas, contact us today.