Did you know that CuCo do so much more than create stunning packaging design, we also manage the full print process for our clients from start to finish?

Recently, we shared our new packaging designs for our client Scrummi, showcasing the all new sample boxes sent out to leading salon brands across the UK.

Being such an important marketing tool for Scrummi we felt it was only right to highlight the careful planning put into selecting the best possible print finishes.

As Scrummi are such a sustainable business, it was key that their new packaging reflected this instantly, and you don’t get much more sustainable in appearance than kraft paper so this was an obvious choice for the packaging foundation.

scrummi flat pack box

CuCo’s Creative Director was determined to use white ink to make a real statement off the brown textured packaging and therefore the real challenge was about to begin:

Very few printers are able to offer white ink as part of their print process, especially on corrugated board, which was needed as the boxes have to be strong for postage.

Against all odds, CuCo were able to call upon one of their regular print suppliers to deliver both the white ink and apply it to the board, and even better as the process was printed lithographic –  a far superior print finish to that of standard flexoprint.

The end result couldn’t have been any better and both, us and the client were extremely happy with the print finish and beautiful design of the boxes.

CuCo are now about to rollout the design and similar print process across a whole range of packaging products for Scrummi. So watch this space for more exciting working coming soon!

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