Say hello to Emma Farrow, CuCo’s latest victim… I mean, recruit!

Emma is the latest addition to CuCo’s growing marketing department following a series of new business wins for our agency this year.

Emma, everyone’s favourite question, tell us about yourself?

“I have just graduated from Southampton Solent University, where I studied journalism. The course taught me a great deal, but most importantly it allowed me to realise my interest in marketing! The course helped me to gain insight into a variety of industries, of which marketing seemed to stand out.”



Why are you excited to be working at CuCo?

“I am so excited to be starting my career at an award-winning agency like CuCo. They have provided me with the perfect opportunity to learn more about the industry in a fast-paced, fun and friendly environment.”

What is your favourite aspect of marketing?

“I really enjoy that there is no limit to how creative you can be! CuCo work with some great clients that allow our creativeness to be unrestricted, which is really exciting! I also love the interaction with our followers on social media, it’s interesting to see what they respond well to and what doesn’t work so well.”

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

“I have lived in three countries! Having lived at home (in Surrey) until I was 10, my family then relocated to Dusseldorf, Germany for a year before ending up in Atlanta, USA. I spent 6 years of my childhood across the pond in America before moving once again, back to Surrey. Coming back to the UK at age 18, I immediately started university in Southampton.  Now officially a southern girl, here I am in Bournemouth! At least I can certainly say I am well traveled!”

Which country was your favourite and why?

I loved living in America and still keep closely in touch with many of my best friends from school there! It was great to grow up in such a warm climate too! But I have also loved living close to London and if I could do university in Southampton all over again, I would! It’s tough to choose, I wouldn’t pick Germany though – a bit of a language barrier there and I was too young to remember much!”

What do you enjoy in your spare time?

“Cheerleading! Unfortunately I have given it up in the last year but it was one of favourite things to do throughout school and university! It’s a sport that not many people are aware of here, but it is massively growing in the UK and England now hosts some huge competitions! I also love mac n cheese, the beach, spending time with my friends…and I love dogs (does anyone fancy buying me a new puppy?!)



Marketing Manager Claudia Pharoah said:

It’s great to have another new face in the studio with fresh ideas and skills, and Emma is already proving herself to be a fiercely proactive and thoughtful member of our growing marketing team.


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