CuCo is absolutely delighted to announce that we are now working with Dorset Sea Salt Co. on an exciting branding and packaging design project.

Dorset Sea Salt Co. has a truly unique story.

In the early days of the business, the brand’s Founder would tell curious passers by he was collecting buckets of sea water from the frothy waters of Portland for his saltwater aquarium. In reality however, he was hand-harvesting the mineral-rich sea water to make Dorset sea salt.

In a wonderfully nostalgic twist – the Jurassic Coast already has a long-forgotten trade of harvesting sea salt. Due to the world-famous and unique geology of the area, sea salt harvested in Dorset possess a distinct mineral profile and is a healthy alternative to table salts which are often laden with additives and anti-caking agents.

Alongside our national and international clients, CuCo are always excited by opportunities to work with ambitious Dorset businesses who share our love of the lively Jurassic coastline.

CuCo’s Creative Director Christian Cutler said: “Dorset Sea Salt Co. spoke to many leading agencies on the South Coast looking for the perfect branding agency so to be chosen as their branding agency is absolutely super. We’re really looking forward to telling their unique story and promoting the distinct taste of Dorset.”

Our Team have already begun work on creating an all-new artisan brand identity including packaging and website design for Dorset Sea Salt Co., as well as a fresh packaging style for 2018. A first glimpse will be available very soon – so watch this space!

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