CuCo have recently finalised another ‘foot-focused’ website for the London Nail Laser Clinic. As their dedicated digital agency, the clinic commissioned CuCo to design and build a website which would specifically focus on SteriShoe – a product sold by the foot and nail experts.

The London Nail Laser Clinic are the only UK suppliers of SteriShoe, the ultraviolet shoe sanitizer which effectively sanitizers the inside of your shoes. They therefore wanted a website which promoted the product and detailed its use and advantages as well as allowing consumers to buy the product online. The site was built using WordPress and allows the clinic to easily manage its content, as and when required.

The relationship between CuCo and the specialist clinic has grown since the beginning of 2011 when CuCo first produced their website, the clinic now approach CuCo for all of their Marketing solutions. CuCo also manage the Google Adword campaigns for the London Nail Laser Clinic’s main website – which has since seen a significant increase of click-throughs rates.

“CuCo are a pleasure to work with, professional in their approach, friendly, always quick to respond to any query and consistent in their level of responsiveness” – Michael Abrahams, The London Nail Laser Clinic