Did you know that Dubai is set to become the world’s largest global design hub by 2020?

The design industry in the Middle East is mushrooming, with it’s total worth estimated in excess of $2.3 billion last year.

It was no surprise when in 2013 the UAE Government decided to make the significant investment to help Dubai officially become the biggest and best design hub in the world by announcing the new build of ‘D3’, known as Dubai Design District.

Dubai D3
Most of the world’s creative hubs have come into existence through organic growth that has happened over many years. In fact our hometown of Bournemouth is the latest city to be recognised as a honeypot of creative talent! With London right on our doorstep it’s great to see that Dubai’s latest build has been modelled on the vibrant and creative town of Shoreditch – the main difference being that D3 has been built on the edge of the dessert!


Dubai’s emergence into a global capital of culture and design has been further cemented through the official launch of the inaugural Dubai Design Week in October 2015, alongside investing 40 million a year to boost existing entities such as Dubai International Film Festival.

With Dubai chasing their dreams and utilising its ‘smart city’ principles in the Dubai Plan 2020, we think it’s only a matter of time before we start to see major creative agencies across the globe setting up a home for themselves in Dubai. Along with everyone else in the creative and design community, we will sit patiently and watch as the district develops.

D3 pic

It’s safe to say D3 has been added to our list of reasons of why we might need to take a company trip to Dubai sometime soon so we can live, sleep, work and play creative 24/7!