Plastic-free July is in full swing, and we’re pleased to announce, our environmentally conscious client ON! Juniper has won two awards, at The Green Parent Magazine, Natural Beauty Awards 2019.

ON! Juniper was awarded the ‘Best Buy’ award in the make-up category, for its organic and natural lip balms, designed and created for children. In addition to this fantastic win, ON! Juniper also took home Bronze in the body and bath category, for its clever collection of vegan-friendly bath bombs.

Founder of ON! Juniper, Tess Ackland said: “In addition to our no greenwashing policy when it comes to our ingredients, the packaging no doubt played a vital factor in our wins!”

As a specialist packaging agency, we pride ourselves in producing sustainable solutions to inform, educate and inspire consumers.

We believe companies that are producing packaging for a greener future, such as ON! Juniper, who provide children with the opportunity to make choices about the environment, is something brands can learn a great deal from as they enter the plastic-free revolution.

Despite many companies efforts to make this change for a more environmentally friendly future, there is still a long way to go. The good thing is, is that customers seem to be on board, especially when it comes to cleaner packaging. Recent research from GlobalWebIndex, suggests that 60% of customers are more inclined to switch to a brand that is more environmentally friendly with their packaging, than their current brand.

So with this in mind, along with recent Government initiatives, brand pledges and environmental documentaries all playing a significant role in influencing customers views on sustainability, this is shaping up to be a pivotal year for greener packaging.

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