CuCo have been working with Kent Brushes on their digital marketing strategy for several years now and still continue to mange all aspects of Kent’s digital marketing activity, including their website, email marketing and of course their social media accounts.

The 240-year-old brush manufacturer has a rich British heritage, which differentiates the brand from its competitors. CuCo work closely with Kent Brushes on a daily basis to communicate this message across their owned digital media in order increase Kent’s competitive advantage and tell the unique and compelling story of the brand.

As marketing experts, CuCo know that high-quality visual content is key for a successful social media marketing strategy.

Therefore, as part of our on-going social media management for the British heritage brand, CuCo recently completed some exciting product photoshoots for the brand in order to showcase their beautiful brushes and heritage.

For the first photoshoot, CuCo chose the traditional setting of our client Athelhampton House as the location. CuCo’s Creative Director Christian photographed Kent’s handmade and most luxurious brushes in different settings and rooms throughout Athelhampton house, in order to get across the traditional feel and high quality of the products.

Here’s some of the stunning results:


shaving brushes



Kent Brushes is all about their rich heritage and the craftsmanship that goes into making their brushes, so for the second photoshoot CuCo decided to also photograph their brushes right where everything begins: their brush-making factory! CuCo photographed the brush-making process and brushes at various stages of production in order to capture the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into making these stunning brushes:

brush in factory

bucket with brush handles


beard brushes  

CuCo also captured some of Kent’s antique and historic brushes, including their famous ‘Allure’ perfume hairbrushes and shaving brushes in which maps were concealed during WW2 for overseas British prisoners of war to enable them find their way home in case of escape.

  allure perfume brush

ww1 hidden map shaving brush

The pictures are now being used across Kent Brushes’ social media channels and have received some great feedback from both the client and their Followers!

If you need any help with your brand photography, our experts are here to help! Get in touch today – we’d love to help!