CuCo’s creative team love sinking their teeth into in-depth branding projects, so when Platinum approached us in need of a refreshed brand strategy, our team were excited to get started.

Platinum, a Bournemouth-based investment company, has many arms within their rapidly growing business model. The brand has now expanded from Platinum Property Partners and Platinum Ecommerce Partners, to one overarching Platinum brand containing 6 sub-brands.

With each of these 6 areas quickly expanding, including Platinum Property Partners, Platinum Ecommerce Partners, Platinum Venture Partners, Platinum Asset Management, Platinum Business Centres and Platinum Room, the Directors were seeing a lack of consistency and communication between each sector, and felt their current identity failed to portray them as one strong and unified umbrella brand. Platinum employed CuCo’s branding expertise to give their brand a more defined and polished look, with the objective being to enable staff to gain a clearer understanding of their company’s values as well as maintain consistency across all new projects within the business.

CuCo began the project by developing fresh logo concepts to modernise the brand yet retain it’s existing identity. We then moved on to building a comprehensive set of highly detailed Brand Guidelines that would ensure the entire business would have a better understanding of their company’s structure and be able to perform beneath the same communication rules. The comprehensive Brand Guidelines is split into seven sections: Brand Structure, Brand Identity, Brand Identity Usage, Brand Expression, Brand Communication, Brand Imagery and Brand Application. Each of the seven elements targets the five sub-brands individually, whilst ensuring they all compliment one another in their consistency.

Following the completion of their 117-page Brand Guidelines document, Platinum is now able to portray themselves as a streamlined and clearly defined company. Although the sub-brands still maintain a sense of individuality, they have now become more unified within the overarching company. The refreshed brand and it’s accompanying Guidelines has enabled staff of all sectors to gain a distinct understanding of their individual business, as well as fully encompass the Platinum brand as a whole. Communication between sub-brands is also now far clearer and more consistent.

Right now the newly established brand look is top secret…but keep an eye out for the fresh design as it goes live soon!