SafeSip is the revolutionary invention of Dorset entrepreneur, Melissa Edmunds. The brightly-coloured, silicon drink cover can stretch over virtually any glass, cup or can to prevent liquid spillages. Parents, children, campers, party guests, the elderly and disabled can all benefit.


See it in action here.

Zinch Designs Ltd, the company behind SafeSip, approached CuCo to re-address their branding and packaging, which they felt were not reflecting the quality of the product nor making it stand out in a retail environment.

CuCo delivered a fresh, clean and modern identity for SafeSip. The logo’s shape replicates a top-down view of the product and utilises the dot over the ‘i’ in ‘Sip’ as one of the product’s air vents. The vents are also positioned to look like bubbles floating to the surface. The colour green was chosen to symbolize life, energy and independence, inspired by the incredible customer reviews the company have received about what a difference Safe Sip has made to their lives. The typography is clean and simple, as it needs to appeal to an extremely broad range of buyers, encompassing both B2B and B2C purchasers.


Because the product is new to the market, we knew that our main challenge would be to deliver a packaging solution that ensures the product’s USP is instantly apparent. We designed the front of the packaging in an illustrative style and made use of negative space to create the illusion of liquid in motion. The strong contracts of the colours effectively communicates what the product does – keeping your drink in and everything else out. It was also vital to put emphasis on the SafeSip itself, and not on the drinking vessel. This was achieved by using photography of the product only, with every other element remaining illustrated. Care was taken to ensure all appropriate regulatory symbols were included. All will be revealed soon so stay tuned into our portfolio.

“Having invented a product and starting as a tiny me and one colleague company – at great expense we have worked with a number of small and even tried a larger agency and they have just have not got what we are or hit the mark in making our unique product stand out – CuCo got it straight away and are now on the journey with us to achieve this as we grow – I feel they are now part of my team.”
Melissa Edmunds , Zinch Designs


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