Athelhampton House & Gardens is a spectacular 15th century manor house and estate five miles east of the Dorset town of Dorchester. As Athelhampton’s official creative marketing agency, CuCo have worked continuously with the organisation over the years and are incredibly proud to be responsible for their creative re-brand as well as their ongoing marketing literature!

Our lovely client at Athelhampton House recently dropped by the CuCo studio with a VERY exciting project in hand!

A considerable collection of glass transparencies ageing over one hundred years old were recently unearthed from the building which has stood for over five centuries. These images include stunning shots of the manor house and estate, along with portraits of the late, Thomas Hardy! A very exciting discovery for Athelhampton, and a fantastic opportunity for them to demonstrate the history and heritage of the manor house and estate!

Our client requested that CuCo work our magic on these glass plates, making them feasible for future projects. Our creative team were ecstatic to be working with such treasured imagery, and set to work on making these photographs more usable.

A lot of the editing involved colour correcting the images which were over exposed. This left us in possession of some stunning imagery which CuCo can now incorporate into future marketing literature projects for Athelhampton!

Photoshop, Photo Correction, Design Agency, Retouching, Tourism Photography

Photoshop, Photo Correction, Design Agency, Retouching, Tourism Photography

The biggest project was a damaged portrait of one of Dorset’s most famous residents, Thomas Hardy. Thomas Hardy visited Athelhampton regularly as his father was a stonemason and worked on the house. It was during this time that Hardy painted a watercolour of the house, and went on to make further references to Athelhampton throughout his work in later years.

This particular glass transparency was broken into eight single shards. To adhere this, CuCo’s Creative Director scanned each single shard, and stitched them back together using Photoshop. This was an extremely challenging task, as when the glass plate broke the metallic oxide which holds the image together flaked considerably. Once the image had been adhered, this flaking was extremely visible, and therefore had to be edited further to dismiss any signs that the glass transparency had ever been broken!

Photoshop, Photo Correction, Design Agency, Retouching, Tourism Photography

Our client was so thrilled with the results that they have gone on to display a variety of the scans that CuCo produced upon a printed montage above Athelhampton’s Coach House bar!

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