CuCo Creative has been commissioned to put the buzz back into Boscombe.

In the latest of a series of prestigious pitch wins, the fast-growing Bournemouth design & marketing agency overcame keen competition to win the contract to rebrand the 18,000-population town.

CuCo will be responsible for a comprehensive package that recognises Boscombe’s synergy with big-sister Bournemouth but, more importantly, promotes the town as a thriving centre of tourism, leisure, commerce and culture in its own right.

“It’s a question of pulling all the threads together into one cohesive campaign that does justice to a vibrant but underrated area,” said CuCo director and senior designer Tony Cook.

“Everyone knows about the Surf Reef project and quite rightly sings the praises of the Boscombe Bay and Boscombe Spa developments, but there’s so much more to the town.

“We’ll also be looking to promote Boscombe’s many other qualities – the niche shops, the retro ‘buzz’, the cosmopolitan restaurants, the lively arts and music scene. The list is almost endless.”

The marketing and promotion of the “new” Boscombe will see CuCo Creative devise an all-enveloping campaign in conjunction with the town’s trade association and area regeneration group.

Print projects such as flyers, press ads, posters and stationery will be backed up by a strong online presence, including a revamped website and regular e-newsletters.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to do full justice to Boscombe and shout it from the rooftops,” added Tony.

CuCo Creative’s designers have already begun work on the project, which will be rolled out from 2011.