The CuCo-branded campaign to take Boscombe’s renaissance onwards and upwards was launched officially on Friday night.

Traders, councillors and other leading community figures gathered at the O2 Academy to see the colourful new Boscombe logo make its formal public bow.

CuCo senior designer Tony Cook and PR representative Jon Hancock delivered a ten-minute presentation explaining the why and wherefore of the wide-ranging campaign.

They stressed the need to build on the momentum of the multi-million £ seafront redevelopment and ensure its benefits ripple out across the rest of the resurgent town.

Versions of the new logo are already being used by the Boscombe Life website, the Area Regeneration Group, the Traders Association and Boscombe Area Business Against Crime.

Each of the logo’s five colours will represent a specific element of the campaign. Four have been allocated already – to food & drink, shopping, the seafront, and arts & culture.

The new branding is available for use across a variety of media, from flyers and press ads to street banners and billboards.

Other speakers at Friday’s launch chorused their enthusiasm for the new Boscombe logo, in which the first ‘o’ is portrayed as a rising sun to symbolise regeneration and a new dawn.

Traders Association spokesman Angus Reid, one of the driving forces behind the initiative, paid a warm and generous tribute to CuCo’s vision, commitment and understanding of the campaign brief.

For years Boscombe has struggled against negative headlines resulting from crime and social deprivation issues, but Mr Reid believed the town was turning the corner.

The upcoming Boscombe Tea Party community event and the continuing success of the monthly vintage market were two shining examples of the “new Boscombe”, he said.

Several empty shops had reopened and the iconic Royal Arcade was enjoying 100 per cent occupancy for the first time in many years.

Further excellent speeches were given by Bournemouth Chamber of Trade president Nigel Hedges, Boscombe Area Regeneration Group chairman Andrew Lennox and Boscombe project officer Sally Coulson.

Guests were also entertained by a note-perfect set from local singer Katie Francesca.