Xadon are a full-service print company based in Bournemouth who, backed by their state-of-the-art equipment and huge range of print solutions, can confidently meet all of your printing needs! Xadon provide a world-class service, and have been utilising cutting-edge technology for over 40 years on the south coast.

Earlier this year, Xadon appointed CuCo to re-develop their company website. Xadon’s main priority was to make the website as user-friendly and intuitive as possible, whilst ensuring their online presence is both professional and credible to prospective clients.


In order to reduce the number of clicks required to navigate around the content on Xadon’s site, CuCo streamlined the website journey and condensed the copy. Rather than having to click through various menu options to find the right page, users now find the majority of the information on the homepage.

We knew it was important for Xadon to retain their file transfer protocol (FTP) section which allows clients to upload their artwork to Xadon’s production department through a smooth and simple process, so we gave this section of the site special attention.

We also gave the website design a more modern look and feel by refreshing the photography used throughout the site. This fresh photography was also accompanied by an engaging video on the homepage which provides a bite size overview of Xadon’s printing services and solutions.

Our creative team encouraged Xadon to incorporate a ‘Meet The Team’ section along with a client list. By introducing the Xadon team to potential clients, they discover just how much experience each member of staff has in the printing industry. To coincide with this new feature, we also introduced a rolling list of Xadon’s clients which confirms the approval and the demand for their services.


Streamlining the customer journey will maximise Xadon’s conversion rates. Presenting all of the relevant information in one location, reduces the risk of users losing interest from any prospective clients, as they are less likely to get lost in the navigation of the site.

The easy-to-use FTP is also a compelling feature for both potential and existing clients. The functionality makes it extremely easy for Xadon’s clients to communicate with the production department, and allows for large file transfers.

The refreshed photography and engaging video has successfully given the site a clean, modern and professional look, and Xadon are ecstatic with the results! These revisions have given Xadon an experienced, reliable, and trustworthy online presence.

Check out the site here.