CuCo’s long-term client Bournemouth Borough Council are set to extend their beach front cafe to cater for a rise in visitor numbers following CuCo’s successful branding of the venue.

Located at Bournemouth Pier, The Prom Cafe caters for all-weather visits with indoor seating as well as a large al fresco area.

Thanks to a rise in winter tourism in Bournemouth however, the cafe is looking to expand.

The turnover for the Pier-Approach-based businesses has risen by 24% since the council’s multi-million pound Pier Approach revamp was completed last year and exciting new additions are planned for the area, including an adventure golf centre and ‘living wall’ of plants along the flyover.

CuCo work closely with the Bournemouth Seafront Team, and have worked on The Prom Cafe’s branding, signage, menus, banners, advertising and more. Our team have also helped launch The Prom Kiosks, situated right at the seafront, as well as the distinctive Prom Diner, working closely on the unique environmental design.

prom cafe

The improvements have seen an increase in the profile of the area and in the dwell time of both residents and visitors. This has generated a significant increase in business for The Prom Cafe, particularly outside of the summer season, with 25% of their annual income taken over the winter months.

Besides The Prom Cafe, CuCo also work with a number of other clients situated on The Pier Approach, including the Offshore Cafe and the Oceanarium.

The outstanding branding work CuCo’s talented design team created has clearly had an impact and has delivered exceptional results for The Prom Cafe.

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