Bournemouth design & marketing agency CuCo Creative has unveiled the colourful logo that will spearhead a new drive to keep Boscombe buzzing.

The bright-and-breezy Boscombe Life motif will be at the hub of a far-reaching campaign to promote the 18,000-population Dorset coastal town.

It will be deployed across press ads, street banners, billboards, posters and stationery in an ongoing initiative backed by traders and the area regeneration group.

The campaign aims to build on the momentum generated by the multi-million £ seafront redevelopment and give the entire town a timely image makeover.

“We have designed the logo to be warm, optimistic and informal, but with a hint of retro to reflect Boscombe’s heritage and culture,” said CuCo Creative co-director and senior designer Tony Cook.

“The initial campaign will embrace a number of key themes – food & drink, the seafront, shopping, arts & culture – each of which will adopt one of the logo’s distinctive background colours.

“We’ve also picked out the first ‘o’ of Boscombe in a golden yellow to symbolise the rising sun of a new dawn. It’s a simple but effective detail that lends itself to repeated use across an infinite range of campaign slogans.”

Traders’ Association spokesman Angus Reid believes the planned spring launch of the Boscombe Life campaign is well timed.

“Boscombe has changed so much over the past couple of years that a fresh approach was needed to make people aware that the town is not only an amazing seafront location, but also a vibrant and buzzing social network of shops, cafes, restaurants and bars,” he said.

“There are so many places to visit now that you could spend a whole week here and not get time to sample fully the fabulous lifestyle Boscombe has created.

“Boscombe Life is not just a catchphrase. With its undercurrent of Bohemian artistry and a modern approach coupled with tradition and many independent businesses offering so much for the visitor, resident or the curious, this is simply Boscombe as it is now – a town with so much to offer.”