Did you know CuCo are the selected agency partner for a handful of the most vibrant and established art centres in the South? Not only are we continuously receiving excellent feedback but we are also putting bums on seats! Here we focus on just two: Pavilion Dance South West, located a stones-throw away from CuCo HQ, right on the iconic Bournemouth seafront and also Bridport Arts Centre, the beating heart of West Dorset.

Bridport Art Centre runs over 300 events a year with over 10,000 visitors to numerous exhibitions. Whilst CuCo have worked with Bridport Arts Centre for a number of years, we recently re-addressed the creative look of their 42 page seasonal programme. Ready for a fresh and exciting season CuCo brought a whole new innovative triangular look to the programme, reflecting Bridport Arts Centre’s contemporary, cutting-edge approach to the arts.

There are three sides to this creative recreation… First, CuCo focussed on reader usability and took action to adapt the flow of the programme to make it more reader friendly. To do so, the programme was re-ordered from performance ordered categories to date order. Following this CuCo decided take a strategic approach and create a new angle by rotating the programme from portrait to landscape. The advantage of this being that more shows are now able to fit on the page, resulting in the total number of pages being more manageable and keeping costs at a minimum. Finally, selected, sunny and fun colours have been used throughout the programme to represent the current season being marketed. At the end of the day we all want to get straight to the point and CuCo have definitely delivered this by keeping the design modern, crisp and minimalistic.

Coach guide v9.indd

Coach guide v9.indd

 “I just picked up your latest June/September programme. As an “old hand” graphic designer myself, I would like to congratulate your designer on one of the best Arts Centre programme designs I’ve ever seen. Together with some great photos, it makes every page worth seeing and reading. Brilliant!” Bridport Arts Centre Patron

Located closer to home is Pavilion Dance South West (PDSW), a leader in dance development and a powerful national advocate for dance with a distinctive voice. As the National Dance Development Organisation for the South West of England they attract and represent the South West Dance sector nationally. With an incredible passion for dance they offer over 40 classes per week for all ages and abilities. We work with Pavilion Dance South West to communicate the incredible diversity of events taking place throughout the year as well as their inclusive, fresh and inspiring brand values.


PDSW logo has been inspired by the art deco architecture in the Bournemouth based venue, generating an overall curvy design with animated gestures created by dancers as they move, creating a sense of movement. The concept of people watching through a window, a common viewing point for audiences, has been created by the 4 letters being separated and positioned underneath one another creating the formality of a classic square window shape.

It is important that all logo’s are designed to be used effectively on multiple marketing materials to help enhance a consistent brand image. CuCo are pleased to say that PDSW fulfil this criteria due to the simplicity of having each edge of the logo accurately curved enabling it to be placed in all corners with ease.

You might be asking yourself ‘why are several elements of the page and the logo positioned at an angle?’ If that’s the case, here’s the answer and if you weren’t thinking about that I know you are now… As we all know, Bournemouth is a brilliant place to be located and it’s obvious that PDSW thought so to by requesting to incorporate their HQ location into their logo. After a lot of attention and precise measuring it is known that Bournemouth on the map is located at a 12 degree angle. With this is mind, the logo has been designed and tilted to be positioned at the known specific angle. Not only does this design element represent the heart of PDSW but it also generates the vital idea of movement, without this you can’t dance, right?!PDSW - DL outside

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“We are very happy to work with CuCo Creative, having recently had to find a new creative agency. The team have been fantastic at assessing our needs and enabled us a seamless transition. We feel that our brand is in excellent hands and are looking forward to our future creative collaboration with CuCo.” Helga Brandt, Head of Marketing & Development at Pavilion Dance South West

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