The Works Staffing Solutions are an independent recruitment, HR and sales consultancy with offices in Southampton and Bournemouth. Since establishing themselves in spring of 2005 as a small recruitment agency with a big vision, ‘recruitment as it should be’, The Works have enjoyed enormous success and as a result have grown and diversified exponentially over the past decade, typified by their strongest year to date in 2014/15.

The Works approached our marketing and design team with a challenge – to find the best way to bang the drum (or pull the party popper!) on their 10 year anniversary. After establishing that streamers, confetti and branded piñatas weren’t on the menu (a sad moment), we started to consider serious solutions and the most effective means and touchpoints we could use to reach the company’s candidates, clients, supporters and the public.

Following extremely positive client feedback on Bridport Arts Centre’s 40th anniversary logo and Allen & York’s 20th year brand identity, we suggested to the Directors that we might start with the development of a special commemorative logo that would retain the existing branding whilst instantly communicating the 10 year message. As a tool, it would be easily implemented across both digital and printed communications.

The Works 10 years logo RGB

With job opportunities continually updated on The Works website, as well as a Latest News section with substantial traffic, we knew the website would be a key channel we could utilise to target the company’s audience. We designed a website banner to be used on the homepage, utilising the ‘0’ in the number ’10’ as an abstract window concept with colourful balloons bursting out of the window, creating a dynamic, 3D effect and inviting the visitor to ‘step into’ the celebration. The web banner also announced the company’s support for both MacMillan Cancer Support and Hampshire-based Honeypot Children’s Charity.


Finally, CuCo’s copywriter crafted compelling copy for a HTML email campaign, which was then designed and coded by CuCo’s digital team. The email announced the 10 year celebration, thanked clients and suppliers for their loyalty, explained the significant changes going on at the company and provided detailed information about their work with their charity partners and how to get involved with their exciting ongoing fundraising events programme. CuCo also worked with The Works on finding the best way to execute the campaign, integrating the email template with their existing CRM to ensure personalisation.


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