Over the past two years, a large percentage of CuCo’s inbound business enquires have stemmed from London businesses and brands.

What’s driving this trend?

Bournemouth’s ‘Silicon South’ status and impressive growth as a digital hub has certainly been a strong influence point. Couple this with the ability of Bournemouth agencies to offer client’s a more competitive rate card than London firms, and it’s not hard to see why the  South Coast has become the new go-to location for many London businesses seeking the expertise of digital and branding agencies.

CuCo’s Digital Director Tony Cook said, “Bournemouth has been attracting national press coverage due to it’s innovative spirit and rapid growth as a digital hub and agencies like CuCo are incredibly busy as a result. Last year CuCo scooped the UK’s ‘Best Agency At Delivering On Budget’ RAR Award, because we are transparent and make sure that costs don’t spiral out of control for our clients.”

As an award-winning, independent strategic branding and digital agency, CuCo work on a variety of London-based accounts, and most recently we are proud to add the prestigious Kent Brushes to our list, alongside clients such as The London Dungeons and Daedalus Trust.

Kent Brushes, who are one of the oldest established companies in Britain, have been expanding their range of brushes since 1777. The luxury brand, which is represented through their rich British heritage, ranges from individually handmade brushes carved from the finest wood, to more affordable brushes targeted towards the millennial market. Kent Brushes are stocked in high-end stores such as Selfridges, Fortnum and Mason and Harrods, as well as John Lewis, Boots and online stores like Asos.

The world’s oldest hairbrush manufacturer appointed CuCo as their digital agency of record last year and we set about building an online strategy to maximise online sales and capture a share of the millennial market in the face of Challenger Brands and cheap imports. CuCo’s online strategy for the brand includes the management of all social media accounts and Kent Brushes Instagram account saw their number of Instagram Followers treble in just four months. cuco-portfolio-Kent-Brushes-1-620x828Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 11.28.06

Sales grew quickly and Kent Brushes again employed CuCo’s technical expertise to design and develop a brand-new responsive Magento eCommerce website to better support their online sales and improve their 360O customer experience. The client was looking to develop a friendlier UX and UI in order to establish longer visitor browsing sessions and generate a greater number of conversions, as well as to showcase the brand in a more modern light whilst still maintaining the traditional rich British heritage their brand possesses.

CuCo began the process by carrying out a complete website audit, as well as conducting an in-depth traffic analysis using our back-end systems to determine what was and wasn’t working on the site currently.

One of our main goals during the development process was to ensure the transition between the old and new site was as smooth as possible, minimising business disruption.

The site went live last month and includes search functionality, shopping facilities, navigation, hair advice, stockist information, customer service and social links. It is also integrated into the company’s complex warehouse system.

Following the go-live, there was an immediate drop in bounce rates and a dramatic increase in sales conversions. The new platform is now much more be-fitting of large e-commerce retailer, is abundantly more user-friendly and incorporates a modern twist to the brand’s traditionalism in order to cater to their newfound younger audience that had come as a result of CuCo’s social media strategy.

Average session time has increased by one and a half minutes and bounce rates have now dropped by 10%. The site has also seen a rapid increase in visitor numbers and growth in online revenue for the established retailer, and the brand’s social media following continues to grow on a daily basis with CuCo’s ongoing digital strategy.

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Check it out now at www.kentbrushes.com

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