Have you spotted the giant butterfly painting on Bournemouth pier yet?

If not – why not head down right now and see it for yourself! Over the next month, 9 selfie walls are being painted across Bournemouth and Boscombe ready to give the public the chance to take pictures with local artists’ creative designs.

Bournemouth residents and tourists can expect to see a variety of exciting, colourful selfie walls with multiple different creative designs, including a butterfly, angel wings, an owl, and even a child playing on a arcade claw machine! Perfect for people of all ages to take a cheeky selfie with the wall.      

The venture is part of Bournemouth Tourism’s new Selfie Wall Trail, which will take place along Bournemouth seafront this summer in order to draw more tourism to Bournemouth.

Selfie walls are the latest trend and are a great way to attract attention, as people are always looking for new and exciting content to post on their social media to gain those all important likes. This is why over the next few months, you will see more and more paintings popping up along the seafront – so keep an eye out!

With plenty of experience in the tourism and leisure sector, CuCo are delighted to announce that we have been appointed to design the DL and a bespoke, illustrated map to help guide visitors to each Selfie wall along the Trail. 

Working with a collection of clients in the Bournemouth tourism industry, including The Arts by the Sea Festival, Adventure Wonderland and the Oceanarium, we are very excited to use our expertise to drive footfall to Bournemouth Town Centre once again. 

The map illustrates Bournemouth seaside and clearly points out where the selfie walls can be found, making it easy for people to plan their route and visit the different attractions.

Marketing Manager, Claudia Pharoah says “we are very excited to work on this project, and to make an impact and help to bring more tourism to Bournemouth. We have worked with Bournemouth Tourism on many projects in the past and are thrilled to be working on promoting the Selfie Wall Trail with them as well”.

If you are in the tourism and leisure sector and require any help with design, layout or illustration, our experts are here to help! Get in touch today – we’d love to hear from you!