Founded in 1914, St Martin’s School is an independent Primary School based in Bournemouth. The school benefits from a  small, ‘homely’ environment and has retained a reputation for excellence, particularly in the academic achievement of its pupils.

St Martin’s were looking to raise awareness of the school and encourage more school tours and sign ups to the historic school through radio advertising, therefore approached CuCo to help generate a greater buzz about the school. Having worked with a number of educational institutions, CuCo were the natural choice and were obviously delighted to help take St Martin’s to the next level and raise awareness of this fantastic local school.

CuCo would deploy a marketing strategy which included online and offline activity, with radio advertising playing a key part. It was imperative to select the best local radio station to ensure we reached the perfect audience with maximum impact and after extensive research and analysis a decision was made. The fun would then begin.

Working closely with St Martin’s, an exciting, fun script would be written, focusing on the advantages and benefits of the small, independent school.

As soon as you enter St Martin’s School immediately you sense the ‘family feel’ and friendly atmosphere of the school, it’s pupils love being part of the school and encouraged to participate in so many activities. With this in mind CuCo thought it would be perfect to involve some of the pupils in the ad and record a group singing a jingle that would be used on the ad.

The finished radio ad captures the personality of the school well and focuses both on the educational benefits of St Martin’s, as well as its friendly, homely environment – all in just 30 seconds: 

The radio ad would run for an initial 6-day period and instantly helped raise brand awareness, helping generate enquiries instantly.

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