The new business cards for CuCo have arrived and we are super duper happy and excited about them!

They are a little bit different to your conventional business cards as they have been duplexed, and what that means is that they have been through a process which bonds together two boards, creating a thicker card.

We did this because the results are simply amazing, and make the cards stand out even more when using different colour boards!

It doesn’t stop there because in addition to being wedged together in two separate colours leaving a really unique coloured line down the sides of the cards, the CuCo business cards are Letterpress printed, old skool style, in 2 spot colours on 270gsm pristine white GF Smith to the face and on the reverse without ink, just with a blind deboss (imprinted) on 270gsm citrine GF Smith board. We went the extra mile and had the citrine (yellow) side in a Buckram textured finish making it not only stand out in colour but feeling luxurious too.

We can’t wait to hand these out! Let us know what you think.